Expedition Media Platform

Written Media: Four members of the team were chosen in part because of their media and communication skills. Andy is the main gear consultant for Climb, Pasi is one of the main gear editors for Retki, Anna runs Planetfear's Adventure Racing site and Karen's written publications have recently extended to her first book. Not surprisingly, the group has great connections within the written media and has already gained commissions from many magazines and newspapers outside of their immediate control. Written coverage from this project will be extensive and the photography, stunning, given that two of the team are professional photographers.

Film and Radio Broadcasts: The expedition film has already been commissioned in a number of different formats by various European companies and it is also being eagerly anticipated at all of the major mountain film festivals. A radio broadcast has also been commissioned.

Lecture Tour Circuit: It is through this medium that partners can expect to gain their longest-term benefits from their association with this project. Three of the team (Andy, Karen and Anna) are increasingly sought after on the motivational speaking and outdoor lecture circuit. In Andy's case, his notoriety almost extends as far as the comedy circuit! Once the expedition film has been completed and the images sorted, the team is committed to organising a lecture tour as a further fundraising venture, with the aim of ultimately facilitating wilderness access to other disabled explorers. Hence, partners will gain added exposure through both this UK tour and the numerous references to the expedition and its particular challenges the team are likely to make in their future speaking engagements.

Inclusive Communication Channels

Information will be disseminated to the disabled community through an Inclusive Expedition Handbook (RGS-IBG), expedition conferences and University Fieldwork conferences, as well as through hands-on British activity programmes (run in partnership with Interventure, EAD and The John Muir Award).

Standard Communication Challenges

This expedition is generating huge interest across all media:

Radio Outputs

We have been commissioned to produce a BBC radio 4 broadcast about the journey and will also be offering this to Scandinavian radio stations.

TV Outputs

We have secured a commission for a 3 part documentary for Norwegian TV and are also talking to key terrestrial channels in Finland, Sweden and the UK. A one-hour expedition documentary will be broadcast on Satellite channels and a shorter one, through key European

There will be live web coverage charting our progress throughout the journey.

Written Output

Numerous articles have already been commissioned from lifestyle and outdoor magazines both in the UK and Scandinavia. A few articles have already been published just from our training journeys and testing trips (including some front page articles in major Scandinavian publications, as shown here). A number of broadsheets and tabloids will also feature the journey and the expedition process will also be collated into book format.

School links

We have been asked to develop learning links to a number of schools across Scotland in association with the Highlands and Islands Initiative.

This is something that we are keen to develop further and to open to as many schools as possible. The expedition platform is an ideal forum for encouraging healthy, active lifestylesamongst the young and has numerous inspirational and educational aspects.

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