Summer Kit Hire

This section of our website is about Kit available for hire. Day/Week - prices are listed but for hire-periods of over two weeks, reductions can be made.

Kayak (with buoyancy aid, paddle and spraydeck): €30 / €105 when we are not organising transfers for you.

Kayak (with buoyancy aid, paddle and spraydeck): €40 / €105 when hired for the Suonttajoki River and Lake Ounasjärvi Openwater Paddle since this includes the price of the transfer of the boats, by quad, to the put-in.

Canoe (with buoyancy aid and paddle): €30 / €105 (NB: We have two canoes located at the local put-in (so no transfer cost for this is needed) and three at the house area for car-transfers to remote put-ins. This will also cost €40 if you need a car transfer to a local put-in.

Iridium satellite phone: €50 / €150 + the cost of the calls
Tent: Hilleberg Keron 4 GT: €30 / €105
Sleeping Bags: -Summer bag: €20 / €65 -Winter bag: €30 / €105
Closed-cell foam mattress: €5 / €25
Multi-fuel stove (does not include fuel): €15 / €55 Hiking poles: €10 / €35
Rucksacks: -Daypack: €10 / €35 -Large touring pack: €15 / €40