Car Transfers: Hetta Pallas

We offer car transfers in the key hiking and skiing seasons between Hetta and Pallas for €65 per transfer.

Car Drops From Pallas - Hetta

When dropping a car at Pallas, keys can be left in an envelope at the hotel reception, addressed to those who will pick the car. If you are hiking or skiing outside of the high season, the nature centre can be used for the same purpose during normal business hours.
If you have two sets of car keys and one set can be left inside the car, then we can keep the car on our yard until you are nearly at your destination and then drop it to a pre-agreed location in town (for instance, at the Rysä, where the water taxis dock, below the Municipality Hall), locking the keys inside. In this case, the payment can be left in the envelope in the hotel or nature centre and it will be as if the car has transferred itself by magic.
Alternatively, if the lake is still frozen when you hike (eg in early Spring) and the water taxis are not yet working, (you will need to check the state of the lake at the last moment from the boat transfer companies) then the boat transfers won’t work (and the lake won't be safe to walk on). Hence, an alternative end-point for the hike is to take the c. 2km path from the Pyhakero hut to the Mustavaara roadhead. From there, a forestry road leads past the beautiful Ullatieva old growth forest to the main road, c. 5km from town. We can meet you at the road with your car if you call from the last gated bridge on the forestry road.

Car Drops From Hetta - Pallas

We can either meet you at the Rysä when you set off and then transfer your car to our yard until it is time for the transfer, or alternatively, you can drop your car to our farm and we will drop you back into town with all of your hiking and skiing equipment, ready to go.
At the Pallas end, we will either lock your keys into your car (if you have a second set) or leave them for you in an envelope in the hotel or nature centre.