Farm Layout

Our farm is divided into three distinct areas:
The Farmhouse, The Dog Kitchen and The Sick-Dog Area

Around the farmhouse

When you first arrive at Hetta Huskies, you will see two main buildings – our farmhouse and a separate outhouse – and an area designated for parking. You will immediately be able to see that you have entered an active and dynamic farm since we will more than likely have projects like kennel repairs and building ongoing in the main yard area.

The farmhouse is used by all of the guides during the day for communal meals and computer-based work (as well as by the occasional client escaping from the cold). It is also our home. On the back end of the farmhouse is an enclosed area where clients can add layers, change footwear etc pre and post safaris.

The outhouse has a variety of functions: one side is a kit storage area and workshop which can be heated for specific projects, one section houses the kayaks through the winter, another is a drive-through shelter for snowmobiles and sleighs in the winter. In the centre there is a warm room that functions as a dog kitchen and indoor sick-dog cage facility.

Behind the farmhouse and outhouse we have an enclosed area which is reserved for sick dogs or those that are transitioning between nights spent on beds in the guide house or farm house and the farm. The enclosure in this instance is important since this area is quite close to the main road and any escapees could easily put themselves in harm’s way if they were not contained by the area boundary.

A 200m-long lit path connects the farmhouse area and the farm itself. Approximately half-way along this, there is a storage building for building materials and then you cross a small bridge before reaching the junction to either the walking gate or main front gate of the farm (the walking gate is not shown on this map).

Look out for dogs just after this junction since the slipstream around the farm also crosses the track in this area (marked in orange on the map above) and there are often teams of dogs flying past!