Sponsor Me Please!

It is possible to choose any of our huskies who are not already sponsored, but the following are examples from each category that would love the extra help. Don't worry if you cannot afford the full cost of keeping the dog here through the year (as detailed in sponsorship options). Any contribution at all towards each of these characters will be much appreciated.

Please send all sponsorship enquiries to hettahuskiessponsorship@gmail.com.


The following dogs are older or less useful sled-dogs but since they are probably not so easy to find new homes for, we are fully expecting to care for them into their old age. For this reason, we have them on the 'please sponsor me' list, since any help at all with their long term care would be appreciated.





The following are amazing sled-dogs but require more care and food than most to keep in good health or weight:


Tore came to us from a family in Switzerland who thought he would do better as a sled dog than a pet, and they couldn't have been more right. Tore differs from the other oldies in that not only is he one of the strongest, but his energy levels don't seem to wane. He has led 5-day safaris in single lead through tough terrain where others had difficulties. He's still a healthy monster of a dog with a mad appetite at feeding time. He is also an awesome skijoring partner, as long as you can ski well!

Tore deserves a sponsor because he will most likely stay at Hetta throughout his old age. He continues to enjoy his life here, and will set a great example for the younger sled dogs (he also fathered Saturn's Moon pups). More than anything, we really want to keep Tore here as long as he is happy to run!

Running Position: Lead/Wheel, D.O.B: 26.07.2006


Bono was one of the original 12 first sled dogs at Hetta, brother to Cloud, Madonna, and Princess. Arguably the smartest of the four, he is an escape artist when put in a cage. Bono is also a little shier than his siblings, but gets used to people quickly and is easy with other dogs. He is a great leader and teacher to other sled dogs!

As he gets older, Bono is slowing down and does not run long safaris anymore. He also has an eye condition, along with Tog and Moscow, for which he lives near the house and gets eye drops twice a day. This prevents cloudiness and an eventual loss of eyesight.

Running Position: Lead, D.O.B: Aug. 2007, 2017-18 season running total: 1141km


Pekki was among the first dogs on the farm when it was start in 2008/2009. At the same time as Banda we found that Pekki has hypothyroidism, for which reason he did not seem too happy or energetic a few years ago. Though he is happy to run now, Pekki is slowing down and is getting to a point where he could retire soon. While we would like to find a home for him, he is very shy around people and may not easily adapt to a new place. Since we are not expecting to give him away, sponsorship would be appreciated to be able to invest time and care for him in his old age!

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: March 2007, 2017-18 season running total: 801km


Malik is from Madonna's litter of pups in 2008. His siblings include Yoda, Peanut, Sila, and Tuuli. His name is the Greendlandic word for wave. Though a sweetheart with people, Malik is the grumpiest of his litter, especially around his brother Yoda.

As a pup, Malik injured his ACL and had trouble running until a magnetic collar was tried and seemed to help. With age he is starting to slow down, and prefers to spend time napping.

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 10.11.2008, 2017-18 season running total: 1804km


Sanna is among the first dogs on the farm, and is currently our oldest female. She is extremely shy and barky at people, for which reason it would really take the right person for us to give her to a new home. However, once warmed up to a human, she has been known to occasionally sleep on their bed with them.

Sanna and her brother Samu are extremely smart, and two of our best leaders. Though not a big fan of people, Sanna is still amazing on safari and does not show any signs of slowing down! She makes a great teacher (and mother) to younger leaders-in-training. Sanna has been the mother to two litters, the first in 2008 and the second in 2014 (S-pups).

Running Position: Lead, D.O.B: 01.02.2007, 2017-18 season running total: 1217km


Hulda is an amazing lady for her age. She looks a little bit like a dinosaur, with a large triangular head and smaller, muscular body. For reasons unknown, she arrived at Hetta with a passionate dislike towards other female dogs. To this day, the only female she gets along with is Suka, her cagemate, since they were brought together when Suka was just a puppy.

Hulda would do great as a lead dog, but because she runs purely with males, whenever the team stops she decides to turn around and show interest in the boys behind her. For this reason she runs mostly in wheel. For most of last year she was still regularly running our longer safaris and does not show signs of fatigue.

Running Position: Wheel, D.O.B: 01.03.2007, 2017-18 season running total: 1124km


Cherry is Malik's brother and though very cuddly and sweet, she is still full of energy! She is friendly but easily distractd by food, and makes the greatest 'greeting' face when you enter her cage. Cherry will sit and curl up her upper lips into what looks like a wolf snarl, but really it is her way of showing that she's excited to see you. More than anything, it looks cute and silly on such a small madam!

Cherry has had a weak front leg in the past, and like Malik, she wears a second magnetic collar to help with this. However, it does seem to be catching up to her as she gets older, for which reason she doesn't run as much as her siblings anymore.

Running Position: Lead/Team, D.O.B: 10.11.2008, 2017-18 season running total: 706km


Nea is one of our older, larger girls who is extremely strong but is starting to tire on longer tours. She has spent a lot of time inside the house due to recurring pressure sores, during which she has demonstrated her perfect house-pet behaviour of curling up on the couch for most of the day.

Nea's mother was diagnosed with Glaucoma when she first arrived, and sure enough it was found that the hereditary condition was passed on to Nea. Because of this she would require more treatment than other retired sled dogs, so it may be difficult to find Nea a retirement home.

Running Position: Lead/Wheel, D.O.B: 02.08.2008, 2017-18 season running total: 2261km


Quercus is the first male of Sirbma's pups, named after types of trees. His siblings are Willow, Apple, Maple, and Cedar. Quirky as he is, he has spent the most time with puppies from the other litters and is very sociable with both people and other dogs. We look forward to seeing how Quercus will turn out over the next year.


Jaffa is a male from Cookie's litter, named after brands of cookies. His siblings are Keksi, Oreo, Domino, Hob Nob, and Tim Tam. He was one of the skinniest as a pup, and has spent the most time inside. Though adorable, Jaffa is a cunning little dude! When spending time at the guidehouse, he managed to eat almost half a tray of cake.


Tarvos is the second male from Saturn's litter, named after Saturn's moons. His siblings are Pandora, Calypso, Luna, and (already sponsored) Elara, Narvi, and Titan. Him and Luna largely resemble their father, Tore, and have the same barking howl when they get excited. A crazy and energetic puppy, he already has the strength of a sled dog to be.


Oreo is the first-born of Cookie's litter, very resemblant of the brand he was named after. His siblings include Hob Nob, Keksi, Jaffa, Tim Tam, and Domino. He is loud but calm when in his cage, at this point having spent most of his time around adult dogs like Blade.


Keksi is the only female of Cookie's litter! Her name means cookie in Finnish. As the only sister, she is the loudest and neediest of her litter. This is the one of the easiest ways to tell her apart from her brother Domino, who looks exactly like her.


Calypso is one of Saturn's litter, named after Saturn's moons. She looks most like her sister Narvi, but has one brown and one blue eye. She is a sweet girl but very strong, and when you go to her cage to get another sled dog for safaris Calypso tries her best to come too!


Maple is one of Sirbma's daughters, named after types of trees. She can be very difficult to tell apart from her sister Apple, especially since they lived together for the longest time. However, Maple has more defined eyebrows and a longer face shape. She is sweet, slender, and spring-like.


Pandora is one of Saturn's litter, named after Saturn's moons. She looks a little like her sister Luna with white markings down the center of her face. She is the sassiest and girliest of the litter.


Hickory is one of our H-pups born in 2014 on our farm. His whole litter were destined to pull to their heart's content, and are extremely hard workers. However, because of this Hickory needs a lot of extra food to keep him healthy!

Running Position: Lead/Wheel, D.O.B: 31.07.2014, 2017-18 season running total: 2786km


Japp came to us in autumn 2016 at the same time with Dole and Doffen, his half-brothers. He is one of our strongest and fastest Alaskan huskies, but because of his short coat and energy use Japp has difficulty keeping weight on. For this reason he needs to be consistently fed more than most of the other sled-dogs and watched closely.

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 28.04.2014, 2017-18 season running total: 2118km


Dole came to us in autumn 2016 at the same time with Doffen and his half-brother, Japp. He is one of our strongest and fastest Alaskan huskies, but because of his short coat and energy use Dole has difficulty keeping weight on. For this reason he needs to be consistently fed more than most of the other sled-dogs and watched closely.

Running Position: Lead, D.O.B: 04.06.2013, 2017-18 season running total: 2132km


Kiri-kiri is an awesome and ridiculously strong leader. He is easy-going running and living with most dogs. However, no-one messes with him - he can walk wherever he wants without objection from other dogs in his team, but if another dog misbehaves Kiri-kiri will be sure to set them straight.

Kiri-kiri has had a few health problems in previous years, during which time we found out that he has hypothyroidism, and he was castrated. He has since calmed down but is still as strong, and now as healthy, as ever.

Running Position: Any, D.O.B: 10.09.2010, 2017-18 season running total: 3362km


Storm is the only female of the S-pups, daughter of Sanna and Starsky. Her brothers are Soda, Sisu, Smeagol, Samson, Simba, and Shadow. Storm is petite and unique with multi-coloured blue and brown eyes. As the only girl, she has grown to be a little timid, like her mother.

Storm sometimes gets freaked out by all the noise on the startline and lies down. She absolutely loves cuddles and attention, and with enough encouragement will do great. When in motion, Storm is just as strong as her brothers and will speed up any team. She also makes a great house pet and companion!

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 18.07.2014, 2017-18 season running total: 1072km


Lyra came to us with her brother Pan around the same time the Mountain pups were born in the summer of 2016. She was very small then, and is still a tiny girl in comparison to the fluffy litter she spent so much time with. She has done great in her first full season running at Hetta Huskies.

Lyra has grown into one of the strongest pups of her year, and is good at motivating the dogs beside her. The neverending energy does mean that she gets bored easily on the startline and has chewed through a few harnesses. Though a hard worker, Lyra embodies the saying "work hard, play harder", as she is a stickler for human attention.

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 03.05.2016, 2017-18 season running total: 1853km


Kurpitsa means 'pumpkin' in Finnish, and reflects her personality perfectly. Kindness and intelligence practically shine out of her eyes. She is a larger version of her sister Nana.

Kurpitsa is a sweetheart who will sit and gaze at you until you notice her, and then paw at you for strokes. She is a strong sled dog and great leader, given that she is running with someone focused beside her. Kurpitsa runs most often with her current best friend Maya, who talk a lot to each other on the start but ultimately are adorable running together.

Running Position: Lead, D.O.B: 19.10.2010, 2017-18 season running total: 2745km


Anouk and her siblings Halla, Amber, Aleu, Arun, and Aslan were adopted from a family who couldn't keep the litter. Her name is the French version of Anna and popular with huskies. Anouk looks like her sister Amber but with darker fur and less floppy ears.

Based on her initial time here, we thought Anouk would not do great as a sled dog and could be adopted as a pet. However, she has since proven us wrong. She has a happy-go-lucky nature and the bounce of a bunny rabbit, which can be seen during feeding time when the three sisters jump in energetic sync at their cage door. With someone strong and focused beside her, Anouk will be motivated to work hard too.

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 01.01.2013, 2017-18 season running total: 2349km