How to find us from Hetta, Enontekiö

We are located just 4km from the centre of Hetta, the capital of the Municipality of Enontekio. Hetta is a very small village - it is hard to get lost here! Having said that, there is still plenty to explore and to discover during your stay here.

From the map below, you can see the relative locations of the various accommodation options, the ski centre and the nature centre (the Skierri).

What’s Nearby?

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To come to us, drive west out of Hetta on the road which leads to the airport, Palojoenso and the Swedish border.

You will see our HUSKIES sign on the right hand side of the road, c. 2km from the turnoff to Kautokeino and Norway (the road leading North on the map, past the Sami Shop and Hetta Silver).

Click here to download the 'True Lapland' info map This is another good way of finding information about the location of the service providers in and around Hetta.

This small map provides a clear insight into our location in relation to the area’s main lakes and the National Park to our south. It also highlights our position relative to the Enontekiö airport, the town and the road which leads north from Hetta, towards Norway.

Hetta Downtown - Shops
The following map presents Hetta’s main shopping facilities in greater detail.

Images of Hetta