Accommodation in Hetta and in the wider area of Enontekiö

Enontekiö has a long tradition of tourism and there are a variety of accommodation options including five hotels, two guesthouses, three hiking or wilderness centres, five campsites, c. ten holiday villages, and c. 50 high quality log cabins. In total, there are approx. 1000 beds in the municipality, of which 400 are situated in Hetta. We have a separate page providing detailed information about accommodation in Hetta itself.

Private tourist enterprises also rent holiday cottages in Hetta, Nunnanen, Leppäjärvi and Palojärvi. More information about services can be found on the Enontekiö website and on the Lapland tourism website.

In addition, the Forest and Park Service and the Forest Research Institute own about 20 bookable cabins and 50 open huts, which provide accommodation for hikers and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts but which are not included here.

For those looking for accommodation further afield, then in addition to the Ministry of Forestry Websites, there are a couple of other useful websites (which, unfortunately, are only available in Finnish). For instance, (choose the area but beware since this also lists some locked cabins that you will need to arrange access to privately). Despite this being a fairly inaccesible site for non-Finnish speakers, it is maybe still worth translating the text beside particular images bit by bit for small sections of trail which are a bit more off the beaten track?

The other website worth considering is jouninkirjamyymala. The huts listed here are all open ones but in variable condition. If they are Ministry of Forestry huts you can find the info also from but others may not be listed elsewhere. There are no pictures on this site but one good thing about it is that it details the resources available in each hut - and this is pretty useful for planning purposes.

For more information about hotels and other accommodation in hetta, nearby hetta, and further afield in the Lappish region of Enontekiö, please follow the links in the pages within this section.