Guided Snowshoe Treks

Guided Snowshoe hike to the Summit of Jyppyvara
Guided Snowshoe hike Near The Farm
Guided Snowshoe hike to Pyhäkero

Snowshoe Trek Through Jyppyra Nature Reserve

There are a number of skiing, snowshoeing and hiking routes that start from the Skierri in Hetta - the Sami museum, nature centre and tourist information centre. One ascends c. 130m to the summit of Jyppyra – a hill of ancient importance to the local inhabitants of the area as a site of offerings to pagan gods on an ideal snowshoe trail to the summit shelter which has been built by the Ministry of Forestry and is a great place to take a break, make a fire and enjoy a hot drink and snacks whilst looking down on a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Behind you, lies the Arctic tundra landscape that stretches out towards Norway and Nordcapp – the most Northerly point of land in Europe. Directly to the West lies Sweden and the longest undammed river in Europe (now frozen over). To the East, a little further away, is the long wilderness border between Russia and Finland and to the South, glorious views of the Northern fell landscape of the Pallas-Yllas National Park, Finland's third largest and, according to many, her most beautiful.

As we warm ourselves by the fire, there will be plenty of time to learn about the changing landscape through the seasons and about the fauna and flora that abound. If lucky, we may even catch a glimpse of the Northern lights, since Jyppyra provides one of the best vantage points around.

Price: €70
Min. participation numbers: 4 people
Programme duration: c. 3 hours
Price includes: a guided snowshoe excursion to the summit of Jyppria with discussions, en route, about local flora and fauna through the year. Hot drinks and a snack at the summit kota.

Guided Snowshoe hike Near The Farm

FYI: Snowshoeing around the farm is less of an undertaking since we can simply get kitted up, in location. Hence, if you are just interested in trying this unique mode of movement, then ask us about prices for the farm ridge tours.

Guided Snowshoe hike to Pyhäkero

Please enquire for more information.