Summer Daze Farm Tours

Walk-in visitors and tour groups are welcome to visit our farm and to meet our 100+ dogs and pups throughout the year. In summer, farm visitors provide our only source of income to keep the dogs in food so we are just as appreciative of guests as the dogs are! They particularly love to have visitors since there aren't as many people around to give them cuddles then as in winter.

We start each tour by introducing you to the dogs in our 'recuperation' area near the house - this is the area where all the dogs on medication or needing an eye kept on them, are temporarily housed. There are normally some good examples of Siberian and Alaskan (and maybe Nenet Laika and Taimyr in the mix up there, so we explain the differences between the breeds and what they are all best suited to.

We then proceed down to the farm itself where we will share information about the culture and history of the sport as well as, of course, introducing you to all of the characters in the clean and well maintained kennel. It is a good opportunity to learn about the life of arctic huskies and their carers through the seasons - for instance about what they eat, how we train them and how we take care of them when sick. A highlight of every tour is, of course, meeting any pups we may have and playing with them a little bit.

Once your tour has finished, you are welcome to spend as much time socialising with the dogs as you like.

Some people choose, at the end of their summer daze tour, to extend their time with us by selecting one of our 'add-on' products like taking a pup around the agility course or taking one of their favourite dogs on a short, local husky hike.

We can offer presentations in English, French and Finnish and sometimes also in Russian, German or Spanish (but this just depends on which guides are at work when you visit us, unless you make a language request ahead of time).

Duration: 40 mins
Summer Price: Adults €8, Children €5, Families (< 5 people inc. up to 2 adults) €25, Bus groups (> 8 pax), €5 per person