Summer Adventure Day

Come to us for a summer adventure - either for half a day or a full day. Either way, the day will pass very quickly as you not only spend time on the farm with the dogs but also discover some of the outdoor attractions of Hetta.

We have a range of activities that can be adapted to the number in your group and the range of ages taking part.

Summer Adventure Mornings
Summer Adventure Days

Half-day Summer Adventure

Summer adventure mornings generally include a farm visit, a chance to try hik-joring with a dog of your choice through the GEE HAW maze, and an opportunity to try out the agility course with a couple of the pups.

We then say goodbye to the dogs for a while and take a short hike to a secluded put-in lake on the Suonttajoki River - the perfect place to get to grips with paddling. As you meander down the small reed-filled river, you will gain in confidence before crossing to the far side of Lake Ounasjärvi for a short break in a Finnish lakeside cabin. Upon return, you will have a chance to say goodbye to the dogs on your way back to the farmhouse.
Duration: 4.5 hours
Price: Adults €75, Children €45, Families (up to 5 people) €200

Summer Adventure day

Summer adventure days generally start out as per an adventure morning. However, we spend more time with the dogs on the farm, showing you, in addition, how we massage the older dogs to stimulate their circulation and how we give basic obedience training to some of the younger ones. If it is a cool enough day, we may even go for a taster ride with a go-cart or a quadbike and we can definitely go and explore the marsh ridge.

On the full adventure day, we then prepare the canoes and kayaks and head off, by car, to the put-in place on Lake Muotkajärvi. From there, it is a c. 2km paddle through to Lake Ounasjärvi via a small, fun, grade 1 tributary. We will prepare lunch together on the far shore, in a small lakeside cabin and then return to the farm via the reed-filled, meandering Suonttajoki River.

Duration: 7hrs
Price: Adults €110, Children €75, Families (up to 5 people) €350