Northern Lights Snowmobile Tours

Snowmobiles provide a quick and easy means of getting out into the middle of no-where in search of the illusive northern lights. We have a number of good trails which are regularly maintained for just this purpose close to our base. Hence, when we head out at night, the focus is on searching for the lights, finding a good spot and then relaxing for a while to enjoy them.

Some of the best aurora photos can be taken from the far side of Lake Ounasjärvi, looking north. Of course, we cannot guarantee the aurora but if there is little chance of seeing the lights, we will still have a great time enjoying the movement of the snowmobile across the frozen landscape.

Available: Through the winter
Distance and c. Duration: 20km and c.1.5 hr hour safari
Price: Shared snowmobile: €90 per person.
Price: Solo snowmobile: €150
Price includes: a snowmobile suit and boots upon prior request, a helmet and the snowmobile / snowmobile sleigh as appropriate.
Optional Extras: snowmobile-suitable clothing and boots can be rented and a farm tour can also be arranged.