Which month is the best option for your safari?

Early Winter 'Trail Blazing' Dates

Weeks 3-5: Mid-Jan to end-Jan

If you choose to come at this time, be ready for long days, tough conditions including some sledding in the dark and clients are very likely to need to work hard to help the dogs on the hills. The trails should be marked for use by others by the start of Feb. and they start to become easier after that. Until then, however, we are making our own tracks each week and there is little time in the evenings to hang out and relax. This is full-on expedition mode and you need to be tough and fit enough to not only survive but enjoy the challenge.

Dates During the Frosty Depths of the Arctic Winter

Weeks 6-9: February

This is the time of long cold days & variable trails. It can be very physical to sled and this time of year - particularly since the coldest weeks are often in February. Hence, this is still full-on arctic mode so please do not book to come before the end of this period if you have any heightened risk factors relating to cold injuries (diabetes / heart conditions requiring beta blockers etc).

Spring Beckons: Time of Crystalising Snow & Solidifying Trails

Weeks 10-12: March

It is hard to predict exactly what you will experience at this time since the winter does not give up its hold on the arctic easily but Spring is just around the corner. More people venture out onto the trails and they, in turn, solidify so for the dogs, at least, things become a little easier, and the physical demand on the clients also starts to reduce.

Dates at the time when Spring Truly Awakens

Weeks 13-16: last week March and April

This is the time to visit the arctic if you want your dog-sledding holiday to be just that - an enjoyable holiday as opposed to an expeditionary challenge! At this time we also have more capacity to offer private or customised tours so this is a great time for families and those with physical or medical challenges that make cold weather dangerous, to visit.
For a few short weeks in Spring, the landscape becomes truly accessible and it is possible to walk off-track and explore around the cabins in the long evenings. The only downside is that it can be a bit icy at times. The main benefit of sledding at this time is that the evenings are long and there is, therefore, a chance to enjoy spending plenty of time with the dogs and relaxing in the evenings.

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