Please use this page (which is updated c. once per week) to check space availability on the tour of your preference before contacting us to book!

  5-Day Arctic Wilderness Safari (7 or 8-day Package)  |  
3-Day Taiga Tours (5-day Package Option)  |  
  2-DAY Polar Night Safari  |

FYI: In order to select the optimal month for your experience, learn more information about the different conditions likely during Early Season Trail Blazing Safaris vs Deep Winter Safaris, and in Early Spring vs Late Spring Tours. The differing degrees of cold, deep snow, trail consolidation and daylight hours will, for sure, have a huge impact on your safari experience.

Remember that short tours in November and mid-and long-length day tours and overnight tours in December, as well as multiday tours in January, are all considered early winter Trail-Blazing Tours. Tours in February are considered Polar-Winter Tours (cold and relatively short day-length). Tours in March fall into the Early Spring category and can be challenging because of polar storms, winds and fresh snow but the daylength is longer and they are generally warmer. Tours from the end of March through April are in fast Spring conditions with generally crystalised, compacted trails and long sunny evenings with the dogs.

PLEASE BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment! The peak periods fill quickly as soon as we start to answer emails for the following season. If you see that you have missed your ideal spot, think about April when there is generally sufficient capacity to put on additional tours to those currently listed, if demand is high enough.

5-Day Wilderness Tour
Bookable also as a 7 or 8-day All-Inclusive Package

NB: The first dates quoted in the tables below are for the tour booked as a ground-only 5-day Wilderness Safari; the second, when the tour is booked as an all-inclusive 7 or 8-day arctic mushing package.

Those booking the all-inclusive 7 or 8-day packages will arrive at the farm on the day prior to the start of the tour (airport shuttles can be arranged). The 7-day package ends on the day after the safari returns to the farm. The optional free day within the 8-day package is normally scheduled at the end of the safari so that people have time to learn more about the adventure options available to them on this day. This is not, however, set in stone.

Those booking ground-only safaris need to arrive at the farm by 10am on the first day and the tour will be over once we have returned to the homestead on Day 5 and had a farewell coffee whilst handing kit back in.

FYI: The full board 8-day package is priced to be the best value since we believe that this is how clients get the most from their safari experience.


5-day Wilderness Safari

7 or 8-day Package


Week 6: Feb. 4th - 09th Full
Week 7: Feb. 11th - 15th Full
Week 8: Feb. 18th - 22nd Feb. 17th - 23rd / 24th 3 Places available
Week 9: Feb. 25th - March 1st Full
Week 10: March 4th - 08th Full
Week 11: March 11th - 15th Full
Week 12: March 18th - 22nd March 17th - 24th Full
Week 13: Tour A March 25th - 29th Full
Week 13: Tour B March 26th - 30th Full
Week 14: Tour A April 1st - 5th April 1st - 7th / 8th 2 Places available
Week 14: Tour B April 2nd - 6th April 1st - 7th / 8th Full
Week 15: April 8th - 12th April 7th - 13th / 14th Full
Week 16: Tour A April 15th - 19th April 14th - 20th / 21st Places available
Week 16: Tour B April 17th - 21st April 16th - 22nd / 23rd Places available
Week 17: April 23rd - 27th April 22nd - 28th / 29th Subject to conditions

Our 'how to book' page will guide you through the next stage of the booking process.

3-DAY Taiga Tour Safari
Bookable also as 5-day package with room and board each side.

3-day Taiga Tour

5-day Taiga Tour Package


Week 3: Jan. 15th - Jan. 18th Full
Week 4: Jan. 22nd - 24th Jan. 21st - 25th Full
Week 5: Jan. 29th - Jan. 31st Jan. 28th - Feb. 1st 2 Places Available
Week 6: Feb. 5th - Jan. 8th Full
Week 13: March. 28th - March. 30th Full
Week 13: March. 30th - April. 1st March. 29th - April. 2nd 1 Place Available
From March 23rd - April 22nd we still have capacity to run additional 3-day tours. Please enquire directly.

Our 'how to book' page will guide you through the next stage of the booking process.

2-DAY Polar Night Safari
Bookable also as 4-day All-Inclusive Package

Bookable also as 4 day package with room and board each side.
FYI: These tours are essentially run on demand, when we have capacity.
The dates listed below are guaranteed dates with available capacity.
Other dates might also be possible, particularly later in the season. Please enquire.

2-day Polar Night Tour

4-day Polar Night Package


Week 52: (Kota Cabin) Dec. 29th - Dec. 30th Full
Week 1: (Kota Cabin) Jan. 4th - Jan. 5th Jan. 3rd - Jan. 6th 2 Places Available
Week 2: (Kota Cabin) Jan. 11th - Jan. 12th Full
Week 2: (Kota Cabin) Jan. 13th - Jan. 14th Jan. 12th - Jan. 15th 2 Places Available
Week 5: (Palojoki Cabin) Jan. 17th - Jan. 18th Jan. 16th - Jan. 19th 1 Place Available (Fr.)
Week 5: (Palojoki Cabin) Jan. 18th - Jan. 19th Jan. 17th - Jan. 20th 2 Places Available (Fr.)
Week 6: (Palojoki Cabin) Jan. 19th - Jan. 20th Full
Week 7: (Palojoki Cabin) Jan. 26th - Jan. 27th Jan. 25th - Jan. 28th 1 Place Prov. Avail.
Week 7: (Palojoki Cabin) Jan. 29th - Jan. 30th Jan. 28th - Jan. 31st 2 Places Available (Fr)
Week 7: (Palojoki Cabin) Jan. 31st - Feb. 1st Jan. 30th - Feb. 2nd 1 Place Available (Fr)
Week 7: (Palojoki Cabin) Feb. 2nd - Feb. 3rd Feb. 1st - Feb. 4th 2 Places Available
Week 7: (Palojoki Cabin) Feb. 7th - Feb. 8th Feb. 6th - Feb. 9th 1 Place Available
Week 7: (Kota Cabin) Feb. 9th - Feb. 10th Full
Week 7: (Palojoki Cabin) Feb. 15th - Feb. 16th Full
Week 13: (Kota Cabin) March. 22nd - March 23rd March. 21st - March 24th 2 Places Available
Week 14: (Kota Cabin) April 2nd - April 3rd Full

Our 'how to book' page will guide you through the next stage of the booking process.