Family Mushing Adventures.

Each year we get enquiries from families wanting to spend time in nature, mushing with their children. We think that it is most fun for everyone if groups containing children are on the same tour. Hence, in Spring, once the conditions are more suitable for young explorers, (with longer and warmer days) and we can start to offer more than one longer safari each week, we start to designate some tours as 'Family Adventures'.

We assume that those families that wish to mush with their child(ren), are keen that they use this time to take a break from their electronics and to experience as much as possible with the dogs and in nature. Hence, although there is electricity in our farm kota, we can take your lead on whether or not we say for electronic items to be left behind at the house and we have a number of traditional board games, knowledge games and sled-dog related children's reading books to pass the time. Most of the time will anyway be taken up with on-farm activities with the dogs. Our 7-year old son (who has to feed thrice weekly, as a rule) will no doubt be keen to lead the way. We also have a nature trail, an 'elf-den' (a wilderness shelter), a GEE-HAW maze, a treehouse and many other activities for your family to discover.

NB: Whilst this page assumes that most families will opt for the 5-day wilderness safari booked as an 8-day package, 2-day and 3-day tours are also possible.

The 8-day package allows time for some additional arctic activities after the tour. This can include a visit a to reindeer farm to learn about Lappish culture, a chance to snowshoe hike, XC ski or spend time at the local downhill skiing centre. A visit to the local nature and Sami cultural centre or to the nearby Saami village of Kautokeino in Norway, to see the Juhl's jewellery gallery etc, would all be possible. A snowmobile journey would also be possible but the children need to sit in a sleigh if their legs are not long enough to reach the footrest in order to ride pillion.

How to book:

Our 'how to book' page gives step by step instructions as to how to proceed with booking.

Please go through this section of our website in detail for all answers to FAQs about the booking process, kit and clothing and detailed tour itineraries.

General Information

Programme Duration: 4, 5 days or 8 days

Number of Days of Mushing: 2, 3 or 5 days

From the 4th week of March through until the end of April. We will note the dates designated as family tours on our current availability page, once we have taken our first family reservation.

Schedule:Our family safaris do not need to follow our standard safari schedules (eg the 8-day product typically running from Saturday to Saturday) since we normally run these tours in addition to our standard weekly tour programme.

Accommodation & Board
We recommend booking packages when visiting with children. That way, everything to do with your pre-safari night (on the farm) and post safari night (in a local family-run hotel) is taken care of.

Transfers to and from Enontekiö airport are included and we can help to arrange the logistics of your transfers from Kittilä airport for an additional fee.

Price: Standard adult package prices apply for all participants since we assume that each child will drive their own dog team, and therefore require their own sleigh and dogs.

Price includes:

The standard inclusions for each package option.

Client Feedback on Tripadvisor:

“Brilliant - just bloody brilliant”. Unbelievable experience. Wonderful healthy, happy, friendly dogs. Kids enthralled. Well done! So glad this husky experience is done in a responsible manor and dogs are retired and not PTS at the end of their working lives. Felt very looked after!


'You come as a guest, you leave as a friend'.

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