3 day Autumn Training Camp

Guests are welcome to join us at any point during Autumn training and our 3 day weekend school is a perfect length for those of you who are keen to get a first insight into life on a husky farm at this critical time of year.

The first 3 days of our 3-month-long guide-training programme is the most intensive training and learning period. You will know for sure whether or not you enjoy our lifestyle, by the end of your time with us. We will treat you as a 'trainee guide' and assign you a personal mentor to guide step-by-step. Outside of the daily tasks which you will get to grip with, the bulk of each day will likely be spent quad training or sleigh training, helping your mentor to sort out tangled pups or grumpy dogs.

By the end of three days, you will have learned how to feed every area of our farm and will have a level of self-confidence completing the basic tasks. You will have learned how we apply lean pathways and other standard business tools to all of our daily tasks and you will definitely have developed some favourites amongst the dogs.

In the evenings, you will no doubt want to go on hikes to experience the best of the glorious Autumn colours and one of the guides will accompany you with a dog if you wish) to show you some of the 'hidden trails' around Hetta.

Our 3-day training package can be combined into a week-long activity programme incorporating a 2-day hike across Finland's most beautiful national park and visits to a local reindeer farm and Fell Lapland's nature centre. Although suggested itineraries are available, these packages are fully customisable.

Duration: 3 days
Price: €549 including 2 nights accommodation in a hotel and half board.