Old Northern Postal Roads

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Muonio-Hetta Postal Trail
Hetta to Sonkamuotka via Muotkajärvi (c.30km)
Hetta to Ylimuonio
Hetta-Näkkälä (26 km)
Old Postal Route through to the Arctic Ocean in Norway

Muonio-Hetta Postal Trail

Hetta - Puolitaival - Ylimuonio, 38 km, demanding

This is the old postal trail between Hetta and Muonio and there is an open hut in Puolitailval which can be rented if you wish to stay overnight on route.

Easy Trail from Hetta to Sonkamuotka via Muotkajärvi (c.37km)

This trail follows forestry roads and effectively cuts the corner between Hetta and Sonkamuotka. The main paved road goes (more or less) due West and then due South and the forestry road you turn off onto first goes due South and then due West (ie it is the other two sides of a rectangle of roads which lead to the same place).

The gravel road is lorry width and therefore easy to ride but quite bumpy and would be better done on a bike with at least half suspension. It is surprisingly easy to get lost on it, however, since the newest trails aren't necessarily the ones which lead back through to the main road again - it just depends on which section is being cut at the time. Hence, bare in mind that you have to go South until you hit a T-junction and then you will have to look at your map for the next section of trails en route back to the main road to ensure that you don't keep going down trails which have dead ends. Despite 'just' being on forest trails, the scenery on this route is very pretty and it is well worth the effort.

These maps show the 24km section of asphalt along Muotkajarvi and then the 23km digitally mapped trail between Puolitaivat - Kajanki and Yli-Muonio.

Näkkälä - Hetta

The 26km Hetta-Näkkälä Trail is marked with tall green poles with a white-red cross at the top. It is a historic trail since it is part of an old postal route between Hetta, Näkkälä, Pöyrisjärvi and Kalkujärvi.

The trail is not extremely demanding but it is quite rocky in parts, so some people might find themselves needing to walk sections of it. In addition, the trail's duckboards do not cover all wet spots so be prepared to get wet feet or use waterproof footwear.

From Hetta it is easiest to get to the Näkkälä Trail along the trail that starts from the Skierri yard between the two buildings. At first, the trail goes the same way as the Pahtajärvi Trail, which has been marked with blue marks. At Sissanginselkä, the Pahtajärvi Trail turns west while the Näkkälä Trail continues to the north. The rest of the Näkkälä Trail is only marked every c. 300m.

Be careful that you follow the summer trail and not the Hetta-Näkkälä snowmobile track which starts from this same place, since this has no duckboards across the bogs and is, therefore, impassable in summer. The trail has been marked in the Enontekiö guide and recreation map (opas- ja virkistyskartta) 1: 100,000. It has also been marked as a path in terrain maps of the area.

Services: Sissanki Lapp pole tent is located at the start of the trail, about 7 km from the village of Hetta. It is locked and can be rented for overnight stays. There is an open wilderness hut at the trails halfway point.
Sights: The Näkkälä seita rock is located near the village of Näkkälä at the end of the trail. Seitas are old sites of worship.

Price: Adults €, Children €
Includes: Bike, helmet, guide.

Old Postal Route through to the Arctic Ocean in Norway

The top map shows an 8km trail with old rotting boardwalks.