Wilderness Biking in Kilpisjärvi

Biking in the Arm of Finland in the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area / Area around Kilpisjärvi

• Karesuvanto - Lavivaara, 12 km, easy
• Kultima - Leppäjärvi, 25 km, moderate and marked
• Vuoskuvaara - Kalkkoaivi, 25 km, moderate
• Hirvasvuopio - Munnikurkkio, 15 km, demanding
• Kivijärvi - Raittijärvi, 40 km, very demanding
• Kalkkoaivi - Hirvasvuopio, 26 km, very demanding

Hard Trails
The Kalkoaivi terrain road and quadbike route to Hirvasvuopio (where there is a wilderness cabin) and on to Munnikurkkio (hard)

Trails for Experts
• Neuhkana - either Hirvasvuopio or Munnikurkkio
• Saarikoski via Raittijärvi to Munnikurkkio

Some of these trails are described in the next section about biking in the arm of Finland. Remember, however, that the section from Saarikoski via Raittijärvi to Munnikurkkio is also only recommended for experienced, fit riders.

A very exotic mountain bike route is from Kåfjord (the fjord east from Skibotn) on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, up the “mountain road” leading to Guolasjärvi, and then onwards, on good terrain and quadbike trails, all the way to Somasjärvi, east of Halti, Finland's highest mountain.