Biking, kick-biking, Fatbiking and 'Fat-Max' in Enontekiö

We offer guided and facilitated mountain biking tours in this area and the results of a 2-year project.

Enontekiö's fell highlands are great for mountain biking. There are numerous gravelled forestry roads, sandy heaths with trails, old German routes and challenging duckboards across vast wilderness areas to choose from. All areas aside from the Malla Nature Reserve and the Pallas-Ounastunturi National Park are open access although there aren't many great routes across the larger wetlands area or the Yliperä fells in Kilpisjärvi.

There is as-yet untold potential with the wilderness biking possibilities in this area. There are over 200km of true wilderness trails, some of which are unmarked and demand a truly adventurous soul and some of which are easily accessible if you just know where they are found.

Road biking in the region is also pleasant - roads are generally in good condition and there is little traffic. National biking trail 21 runs through the village of Hetta in an east-west direction. The trail which comes from the south leads from Keminmaa via Kolari and Äkäslompolo to Muonio and from there to Palojoensuu. From Palojoensuu bikers can turn towards Hetta or to Kilpisjärvi. At Hetta Village the biking trail leads along marked biking routes and continues eastward via Peltovuoma Village to Raattama. The biking trail is marked with brown and white bicycle signs.

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